Michel Lavat

UI/UX Design • CMS • webapps

I am Michel Lavat, a webdeveloper focused on creating websites and webapps.


UI/UX Design & Coding

Usability is very important for your website. A website has to be intuitive usable. So the user flows allmost automaticly to the information, hes/she looking for.

Responsive Design

Times are changing. And thus also the needs of your website. Nowadays users surf thru the internet on different devices. Responsive development helps to reach your site with each device and thus create an optimal user experience.

CMS development

• ModX
• Wordpress

Webbapps development



Optic Revolution

Responsive Website designed and developed for Optic Revolution, an event organization in Switzerland. www.opticrevolution.ch

Optic Revolution Website

FMTP Music

Responsive Website designed and developed on base of the CMS ModX for FMTP Music, a Music Group from Basel, Switzerland. www.fmtpmusic.com

FMTP Music Website

ScoreClash (BETA)

Responsive Webapplication designed and developed on base of the CMS TYPO3. The TYPO3 Extension "mlascoreclash" is programmed on base of the MVC framework Extbase/Fluid.

Say you play chess with a friend. You have already played a lot of games, but no one does know exactly who has won over all games, as the points are forgotten. With this application, you and your friends can note and update your scores for each one-on-one activity, so you can see if you are really winning or losing. www.scoreclash.com

ScoreClash Webapp

Steudler Press

Animated website developed (in the name of Schaffner & Conzelmann) on base of the CMS ModX for Steudler Press, a printing company in basel. www.steudlerpress.ch

Steudler Press Website

Schaffner & Conzelmann

Responsive Website developed on base of the CMS ModX for Schaffner & Conzelmann, a design and advertising agency in Basel, Switzerland. www.designersfactory.com

Schaffner & Conzelmann Website


HTML5/CSS3 based webapplication developed (in the name of Schaffner & Conzelmann) for Catering & Congresses, a catering service from University Hospital Basel, Switzerland.

The webapp is developed on base of the CMS ModX, for the external service workers. Once they visit the webapplication online, the data of the whole app is downloaded to the service worker's ipad. The webapp is now available without internet connection. www.c-catering.ch

C-Catering Webapp

ERK Feste Feriern

Website developed (in the name of Schaffner & Conzelmann) for a serie of events from ERK, the Evangelically Reformed Church in Basel, Switzerland. www.erk-feste-feiern.ch

ERK Feste Feiern Website


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